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Our Data

Exactis is a leader in quality consumer marketing data. Our consumer data is triple validated to perfectly match each consumer record. High accuracy and high conversion business leads.

Consumer Data

Quality Multi-Channel Consumer Marketing Data and Marketing Lists

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, data is your single most powerful asset for achieving business growth. Even the most ingenious customer acquisition strategy is only as strong as the data driving it.

The right target, a highly relevant offer and the most effective channels — when you hit the perfect combination, you’re firing on all cylinders. Add the industry’s cleanest, most accurate consumer data from the Data123 warehouse and suddenly your marketing is setting new benchmarks for success.

Our unique triple validation data process triangulates every consumer record — individual contacts, not just household — against three active transactional files, assuring you the highest levels of accuracy across postal, email, phone and mobile data. Layer on hundreds of selects including demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral data to target highly specific audiences with laser-like precision.

Fully compliant with DMA, CAN-SPAM and other relevant requirements, this is data that drives results.

Size & Channels

  • 218 million individuals
  • 110 million U.S. households
  • 88 million records with email addresses and matching postal address
  • 112 million records with residential phone numbers (Pre-DNC)

Business Data

Business Marketing Data That Works Overtime, So You Don’t Have To

Historically, B2B marketers have experienced difficulty finding business data with the same degree of accuracy, completeness and reliability as consumer data, particularly when executing multichannel campaigns.

Across 21 million distinct companies, Data123 holds our B2B data to the same high standards as our consumer records. Our hybrid file delivers the industry’s most accurate postal, email and phone data, as well as dozens of selects including firmographic and contact-level demographics to improve targeting.

But what truly sets Data123 apart is our focus on contact accuracy — locating the best possible business contact, then using a double validation process that begins with physical location. It’s B2B data you can rely on, from the experts who know B2B like nobody’s business.

Size and Channels

  • 21 million distinct companies
  • 40 million individual postal addresses
  • 21 million records with email addresses and matching postal address
  • 52 million records with business phone numbers